1000kV Jindongnan- Nanyang-Jingmen UHV AC Pilot Project

1000kV Jindongnan- Nanyang-Jingmen UHV AC Pilot Project

1000kV Jindongnan Nanyang-Jingmen UHV AC Pilot Project starts at Changzhi substation in southeastern Shanxi province, passes through Nanyang switching station in Henan province and ends at Jingmen substation in Hubei province. The single circuit stretches 640 kilometers, crossing Yellow River and the Han River. It has transforming capacity of 6000MVA, with a nominal voltage of 1000kV and the highest operation voltage of 1100 kV.

The Project was approved by the National Development and Reform Commission in August 2006 and started construction by the end of the same year. It was completed in November 2008, put into trial operation after tested on November 30th and was put into operation after 168 hours of trial run at 10 pm, January 6st, 2009. The Project is in stable operation currently.

The Project was completed according to schedule and achieved all its prospective goals, without any incident during the construction, which was  environmental-friendly. Built within a reasonable budget, the Project made many technological innovations and has a guaranteed quality. It marked a breakthrough in domestic equipment research and production.

Since its preparation at the end of 2004, it only took four years to build this project which is currently the highest voltage and the most advanced technological level in operation in the world, with fully independent intellectual property rights owned by China. It represents a major breakthrough in China??s long-distance, large-capacity, low-cost UHV power transmission core technology and the domestic production of power transmission equipments. It is a world-class accomplishment in the field of energy research and construction and a milestone in the world??s history of electricity development. The successful completion of the Project has a significance meaning to the nation??s energy safety and reliable power supply.

Through the project??s practice, China has established a first-class UHV research system, mastered the core technology and formed a set of standards on UHV AC power transmission. The Project has also upgraded the manufacture industry of power facilities, trained and nurtured a team of technological and managing experts and validated the technical feasibility, equipment reliability, system safety and environmental friendliness in the UHV AC transmission. China is ready for the mass application of UHV AC power transmission.

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