Four Bases and Two Centers

Four Bases and Two Centers

SGCC UHV AC Test Base was completed and put into operation on November 26th, 2008, with twelve world-record in experimental facility and capability. As an import part of the company??s UHV AC Test Base Project, the test base will serve as a powerful support to China??s UHV grid construction and development.

UHV DC Test Base consists of an outdoor testing ground, a DC test line, a corona cage, an experimental hall, an insulator & lightning arrester laboratory, a pollution and environmental laboratory and a coventer valve laboratory. The project approachment of the UHV DC test base as well as its technological research and construction made fifteen No.1 achievements in the world. The base has 55 patented technologies, leading the way of UHV DC research in the world??s energy industry.

The High Altitude Test Base in Tibet was built at the altitude of 4300 meters and is the world??s highest electricity research base. It provides a platform venue for the research on power transformation and transmission, equipment insulation, corona features and electromagnetic surroundings in a high altitude environment.

SGCC UHV Pole & Tower Test Base is the only research base in China of its kind with the world??s most powerful researching abilities. The base has the facilities to conduct experiments including 1000kV AC double-circuit on the same tower, +/-1000kV DC single-circuit, +/-800kV common-tower double-circuit on the same tower and any tower design, assembly parts test and simulated experiments under the +/-800kV.

SGCC Simulation Center includes a General Situation of Power System Hybrid Simulation Center, a Power System Dynamic Simulation Laboratory, a Power System Dynamic Operation Simulation and Safety Monitoring Laboratory and a Database Simulation Center. It was officially named by National Development and Reform Commission as the Power System Simulation National Project Laboratory, with 8 licensed patents, 12 national patents and 8 copyrighted software publications. Its overall experimental ability is up to international standard and adequately meets the needs of China??s extra voltage and ultra high voltage simulation researches. It can also lauch large-scale experiments on AC and DC interconnection simulation and large grid operation control.

SGCC Measurement Centre is made up of the Electrical Measurement Station and a High Voltage Measurement Station. It improves China??s weakness in areas of reactive power measurement, statistic instrumental measurement, UHV measurement standards, and is held as superior in domestic research in power measurement. The center, now under construction, aims to be an authorized national measurement organization, and gradually takes its place in the world??s power measurement area.


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