The World??s First VSC-HVDC Converter Valve Produced

Recently, TBEA?? a Chinese enterprise, successfully launched the world's first VSC-HVDC converter valves, which, for the first time, alleviated the maximum voltage level of VSC-HVDC from ??350kV to ??800kV and the maximum power transmission capacity from 1GW to 5GW, opening a new chapter in DC power transmission.

Converter valve is the heart of VSC_HVDC power transmission and the bridge for the transmission and conversion between DC and AC power. It is the most technologically demanding facility in VSC-HVDC. TBEA successfully produced the world??s first VSC-HVDC converter valve after 9 months of in-depth research, analysis and testing in key technology research, equipment development and integrated engineering design, starting from September last year. It is introduced that the product can address the bottleneck of long-distant power transmission. Currently, power generated from renewable energy cannot be transmitted to distant areas at a large scale but can only be delivered together with thermal power or be consumed on site. Therefore, the launching of the new converter valve can effectively promote the massive use of power generation from renewable sources.


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